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Friendly technology that helps to relieve the teacher's workload =)

We want to make your life easier and for that we offer you free online tools like sharing class material and receiving your students' papers which is alreading saving time for 85% of our teachers on a weekly basis. For one third of those, more than 2 hours or even more!

Easy to use and to apply to your teachings

Edoome makes a huge effort to give you a friendly service which is easy to apply to your teachings so you can communicate and collaborate with your students online. Learn more about Edoome:

Our Tutorials and our step-by-step guides

What does Edoome offer?

We offer virtual classrooms and online tools so teachers can communicate with their students and organize their classes, no matter the time and place, in a simple and secure way.

Get the parents involved*

You can give parents access to their childrens' academic advancements and to your class material.

Create a community with other teachers*

You can invite other teachers to be part of your classroom to support your students or to share new resources and experiences.

Available options to start using Edoome

Choose the version that fits your needs

Edoome Free
This is where you, the Teacher, get a general feeling about what Edoome is all about. Create your first virtual classroom, invite your students and let us prove to you what we can to make your life simpler.
Save up to 2 hours of work per week.
Improve academic performance of your students.
Edoome Individual

Become a fully operational tech-integrated Teacher. Manage all your courses in Edoome. All you need, all in one place.

$/ Month
Multiply your weekly saved time by the number of courses you create in Edoome.
Improve academic performance of all your students.
Edoome Groups

Additional to your students, you can now collaborate, communicate and share with your colleagues in Edoome. You become the administrator of your group of teachers by creating and assigning them to your courses.

$ / Month x Teacher
UNLIMITED Classrooms UNLIMITED Students per classroom
New tools available: Teachers Network, Teachers Chat and Teachers Account Manager.
Multiply the impacts of saved time and improved academic performance by each teacher that belongs to your group.
Save additional time per week by being able to coordinate with your team inside Edoome.

Do you have any questions about Edoome? Please contact us!

In case you have any doubts about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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