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Edoome /edu-me/ connects teachers with their students so they can communicate, collaborate and share, and provides tools for teachers to help them save time in planning, assessing and keeping track of their students progress all in just one place.

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Edoome provides a familiar environment where teachers can continue classroom discussions with tools that make easy to share new content, new discussion topics or solving an assignment as a group.

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Measure, analyse and personalise learning

Teachers can create and post assignments and quizzes to grade and measure their students' performance and progress against national standards in a fast way.

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Because our users know best what are their needs we want to be sure that we are listening to you. Let us know what we should build next to help you and your students.

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Signup for free Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students join and trust Edoome every day.

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See what other theachers from around the world have to say about Edoome and its benefits.

Mr. Tony Wong Math Teacher

Edoome is wonderful, it has helped me to have better communication with my students. I have implemented it in my classroom and my students love it!

Mrs. Mary Schuster Science Teacher

I love having access to Edoome. I can help my students and support them in their learning process by sharing my resources very effectively. I am delighted with your platform and my students too.

Mrs. Sara Colbert English Teacher

Friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Very happy to use Edoome every day with my kids in my class.

Mr. Joseph Fogüett English Teacher

I love it! I have implemented Edoome in my classes and my kids love it too. Greetings from Costa Rica.